Funday – Garage

It’s Monday…back to the grind.  Why not make it FUNday with some inspiration to make your home a little more fun? Our moving day is coming up soon.  We spent most of the past weekend sorting through the contents of our garage and deciding what should move with us, what should stay behind, and what […]

Plates for the Bedroom

No, this is not a post about romantic meals.  Ahem.  It’s about how useful a little white plate thrifted from Goodwill can be when it is sitting on your nightstand. Back when I redecorated our bedroom with finds from a Goodwill shopping spree, I found three pretty white plates–one large, two small.  They were all […]

Girls’ Bedroom Switcheroo

Last week, my girls and I worked really hard to get their bedroom cleaned, organized, rearranged, and de-cluttered.  It was a really, really big job. Our girls share an abnormally large bedroom space, which is both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing, because there is plenty of room for them to store their belongings […]

True Confessions: My Sewing Room

Remember when I told you I was redoing my sewing room? {crickets chirping} Really?  You don’t?  That could possibly be because I made that declaration over a year ago.  Oh dear. I told you all of my good intentions for that room here.  I even provided an oh-so-charming “inspiration board” for the so-called Aqua Poppy […]

My Slip is Showing, the Sequel

 Remember waaaaayyy back when I started sewing my very first slipcover?  I actually finished it—ta da! I feel like someone should offer me a special prize, or at least serenade me with this song from my favorite musical, My Fair Lady. I can’t explain why this project took me so long.  I started it with […]

Slip it under the Table

This post is like opening my underwear drawer.  Is there anyone else who has places in their house, like this, that just seem to collect stuff?  Tell me I’m not alone. Tell me that your children come home from school and dump their backpacks on the floor and run away, too. Maybe yours don’t.  Maybe […]

Summer School

When I was a little girl, my parents made an effort to make sure I kept learning during the summer months.  My mother, a former elementary teacher, was passionate about keeping up the skills I’d learned during the school year.  Summer school with my mom involved a chalkboard with math problems, reading work books, handwriting […]