How to Keep Your House Clean

I believe I have discovered a solution to a question that has been asked by homemakers the world over since the world began.  The answer has eluded me for years, but I finally came upon it at the beginning of this summer, when we moved across the country and had to find a new place […]

A Moving Story

Earlier this week/month (I seem to be losing track of time this summer) I promised more stories about our cross country move.  Well, I already told you that the final preparations were up to me and that we made a stop in Moab, Utah for some quick, quality time with our extended family, and that we […]

Surviving a Cross Country Move

So, I’ve mentioned that we arrived safely at our new destination in Northern California, but I haven’t given you many other details.  It’s been a tad bit….busy….to say the least!  I think this silly little video I made (below) pretty much sums up the experience of prepping for a move, supervising the packing and loading, […]

At Home with Erin from Sunnyside Up

I’m so excited to welcome Erin from Sunnyside Up to Holland, today! Like I said earlier in the month, there are a handful of blogs that were some of the first I ever read, and they remain my favorites.  Sunnyside Up is one of those.  I really appreciate Erin’s enthusiasm for her family, her roles […]

At Home with Lyndsey of The Stationery Place

Lyndsey is another friend that I met at Alt Design Summit this winter.  (This seems to be a recurring theme…want to make some friends?  Go to Alt Summit.)  I’m not sure if I remember the particular class where we met, because Lyndsey was someone that I just kept running into.  I enjoyed every minute that […]

At Home with Jamie of 366 Objects

Please welcome Jamie, another blogging friend I met this winter at Altitude Design Summit.  We had dinner together with some other great ladies the very first night of the conference–kind of like a blind date for bloggers.  I enjoyed hearing about Jamie’s travel adventures and hearing about how she planned her recent wedding.  I was […]

At Home with Randi from Swoon

I met Randi this winter when we happened to sit at the same lunch table during Altitude Design Summit.  She was just as sweet as could be, and handed me one of the most unique business cards ever–fantastic advertising for her design and printing skills.   I wasn’t the only one those cute little cards […]

At Home with Melissa from 320 Sycamore

Knowing that blogging will take a back seat during the height of our big move, I invited some of my blogging friends to stop by over the next few weeks and share their stories of home with all of us. Please welcome Melissa from 320 Sycamore. There are a handful of blogs that introduced me […]

Sell a Home Fast: Marketing

This month, I’m sharing some of the things we’ve learned in the course of selling two homes—both of them in less than 15 days.  Click on the links below to read the other posts in this series: Intro         Advance Prep I        Advance Prep II        Staging I         Staging II […]

Sell a Home Fast: Staging Part 2

The last time we talked, I told you how important I felt staging our home was to getting it sold in less than a month.   I gave you a few reasons why investing some time and money into making your home look appealing to the highest number of potential buyers would pay off at […]