Vintage {Halloween} Movie Fun: Arsenic and Old Lace

I’ve been loving vintage films for years.  And it’s been a delight to discover that some of my old favorites are popping up on Netflix.  I’ve been revisiting some of my old favorites and discovering a few good ones I missed out on during my childhood.  (I was raised with the classiscs!)  Today I want to […]

Funday – Easter Edition

It’s Monday…back to the grind.  Why not make it FUNday with some inspiration for inserting a little more fun into your home? I came across two similar ideas for a fun twist on the traditional Easter egg hunt on Pinterest.  (Love Pinterest.  You can follow my Pinterest boards HERE.)  Basically, two different, creative moms have […]

We Moustache You a Question…

…are YOU ready for Valentine’s Day? I am happy to report that everyone at our house who is elementary school IS ready for Valentine’s Day.  Check out these DIY personalized Valentines: Pin It We whipped out these funny valentine cards using Picnic (free for EVERYONE, right now!) and I had them printed out using Target’s 1 […]

Eat Cookies for CHD Awareness Week

Hi, Everyone!  I’m not sure what the appropriate salutation is during CHD Awareness Week…Happy CHD Week?…Merry Awareness Week?…Froliche Herz?…L’Chaim? L’Chaim it is!  Which–if you’ve seen Fiddler on the Roof as many times as I have–you know means “to life!”  And promoting life is really what Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Week is all about. Tricky foreign language […]

Thanks for Thanksgiving

Just in case I’ve never mentioned it before, Thanksgiving is probably my absolute favorite holiday. Confession:  I feel more than slightly guilty when I say that.  Isn’t Christmas supposed to be everyone’s favorite holiday?  At least, every Christian’s favorite holiday?  While I love celebrating the birth of Christ, I’m going to be honest and say […]

Happy Halloween

I think we were the last ones to leave the pumpkin patch…or were we?

Almost Easy Birthday Cake

We celebrated my belated birthday this weekend.  The Bionic Man and our children were off the hook for cake making, because I needed a good excuse to try out a cake recipe I found.  The original recipe and accompanying gorgeous photographs can be found here.  The original recipe, however, seemed a little tricky to me, so […]

The Invitations are Out

….now it is time to get crackin’ on the rest of the party! Superkid’s seventh birthday is later in October.  We’re having a party for her friends early in the month, so that Superkid’s birthday won’t be overshadowed by her daddy’s extensive Halloween decor (among other scheduling issues, too). During the summer, I saw the […]

Party ON!

Five years ago this week, we moved into our current home.  Previously, we’d been living on the East Coast, in Connecticut.  Did you know that Connecticut has more millionaires per square mile than any other state?  Yep.  We weren’t millionaires.  So we moved. To Indiana.  Did you know that the cost of housing in Indiana […]