Funday – Indoor Garden

It’s Monday…back to the grind.  Why not make it FUNday with some inspiration to make your home a little more fun? It’s my personal opinion that it is fun to have green and growing things inside your house…just as long as those green and growing things are not in little sandwich baggies under your son’s […]

Growing Meyer Lemons Indoors

Have you ever noticed the foliage in the background of some of my pictures? Sometimes you see it inside, near the dining room table.  And sometimes–during the summer months–it sneaks into pictures I take outside on our deck. That, my friends, is a lemon tree.  We have two of them.  They are the only houseplants […]

Spring Cleaning Tips at Remodelaholic

Today, I’m over at Remodelaholic sharing thrifty tips for Spring Cleaning.  I’ve found some non-toxic cleaning solutions you can make at home using ingredients you already have in your kitchen, and I’m sharing some storage and organization solutions that won’t empty your wallet.  Intrigued?  Click over HERE to read all about it. If you have any […]

Sunflowers from our Garden

We had a happy gardening accident this summer: sunflowers popped up alongside our bamboo! Endeavor went outside and picked some of them to make a bouquet for our mantle. I have a thing for sunflowers.  They are just so big and bright and HAPPY.

Grandmother's Garden

Speaking of garden vegetables, I’ve been meaning to show you pictures of one of my favorite kitchen gardens.  I took some pictures of it while we were in Utah. My mother-in-law tends a vegetable garden in her backyard that is more than productive: it’s downright pretty!

Mid-May Madness

Hello, Friends! While I am happy to report that May 2011 is not half so crazy as May 2010, it is holding it’s own.  Last year, our elementary school was closed after the last day of school, so we had all kinds of sentimental memorial stuff going on, plus 5th grade graduation and middle school […]

Lemon Trees

Did anyone happen to notice the foliage in the background of my faux sourdough pictures? That, my friends, is a lemon tree.  We have two of them.  They are the only houseplants I haven’t killed off.  In fact, they’ve survived my care for more than four years, now. During the colder months, they live inside […]