Mid-May Madness

Hello, Friends! While I am happy to report that May 2011 is not half so crazy as May 2010, it is holding it’s own.  Last year, our elementary school was closed after the last day of school, so we had all kinds of sentimental memorial stuff going on, plus 5th grade graduation and middle school […]

Spring Decor: Burlap and Birdies Wreath

I made a spring wreath today for my front door.  Want to see? It was pretty easy, once I worked out a few details.  These were the basic supplies: 1 large styrofoam wreath form Burlap  Fabric Quarters I started by cutting out strips of burlap, roughly 1-1/2 inches wide.  There was no need to be […]

Project Time, Part 2

You can read about Part 1 here. This project has been a long time coming:  a tile backsplash in our kitchen. Bionic Man has plenty of tile installation experience.  He tiled both the kitchen and the bathroom in our Connecticut Cottage.  He had promised me a tiled backsplash at least two years ago, but I […]

Home on the Range

The Bionic Man did a very nice, award-winning husband type of thing right before Thanksgiving.  Two words: New Stove Yep, the Bionic Man suggested that we get the stove we’ve been meaning to get BEFORE I cooked Thanksgiving dinner.  Before I tell you the story of how this came to be, allow me to introduce […]

Painting the Kitchen

This week, the Bionic Man had to go on a short business trip.  As soon as he exited the house, I decided to throw out all the other things I’d been planning this week, and paint my kitchen.  An alarming declaration, I know.  And why is it that any temporary departure of the Bionic Man […]

Pottery Barn Rock Off

The Pottery Barn catalog arrived in our mailbox not long ago.  The one that features all the very hip, very now, very expensive new ways to decorate for Halloween.  It is probably a good thing I have learned to live on a budget, or else I might want to spend $16 for a set of […]

My Slip is Showing!

Got your attention, didn’t I? I now present….the slipcover project!  There is a corner of my family room that needs a chair.  Not wants a chair, needs a chair.  Otherwise, it is just a strangely empty corner that throws the balance of the whole room.  Because I’m too cheap to actually spend money on furniture […]

Canvasing the Neighborhood

Do you think it is possible that I could use too much canvas to decorate my house?  I’m on my way to find out, right now.  Testing to proceed in T minus 3 hours.  I found a sweet sale at Home Depot on canvas drop cloths.  2 for $9.97!  My great room is about to […]

A Sepia-Toned Bathroom

This post is my entry for Here are some cheap, easy things I did to improve the ambiance (do I dare say that about a bathroom?) of a small powder room in our house.  I made no changes to the existing wall color or fixtures, because that would have taken more time and money than […]

Apothecary Jar & Cloche Tutorials

I’m going to show you how I acquired this collection of apothecary jars (AJs) for less than $20! How to Make your Own Apothecary Jars a tutorial Disclaimer:  Someone, somewhere, has probably figured out how to do this already.  In fact, Martha Stewart is usually way ahead of me.  Mine may be the 80 millionth online […]