Tips for Buying Running Shoes

Labor Day Weekend is approaching, and that means it’s time for the annual tent sale at my favorite running shoe store, Blue Mile.  For several years in a row, now, we’ve scored some fantastic deals on fancy running shoes at the tent sale.  Good news, for a family that boasts a first-time marathoner in training […]

Confession: I’m a Floorplan Junkie

Houses have always fascinated me, ever since I discovered–at the ripe age of nine–This Old House.  I’m talking about the original PBS television show, with Bob Villa and Norm Abram.  Back then, most of the homes undergoing renovation were in the vicinity of Boston, typical New England colonials.  I remember idly flipping through the seven […]

What’s Behind YOUR Stove?

Most of us would prefer not to answer that question in polite company.  It’s not exactly the part of the home that gets the most frequent attention with broom and dustmop.  But today, I’m going to break the mold. I’m showing you what’s behind my stove.

A Report from the Battlefield

I’m sure you have been waiting on the edge of your seat to find out the outcome of the Battle to Destroy Gacky Sage.   On the one hand, I hope your life is so full and rich that you haven’t wasted a single moment wondering about whether or not we actually painted.  On the […]

The Battle Begins

Friends, the time has come. The final battle that will destroy the last vestiges of  Gacky Sage in my home is on the horizon. Tonight,  we paint!

A Fall Wreath

I shared this easy-peasy project last week over at Organize and Decorate Everything.  Just in case you missed it, here’s how I made the wreath that is hanging on my front door right now. Maybe a more appropriate introduction for today’s post would be, “Hi, I’m Ruth, and I’m a Pin-aholic.”  Seriously, I have a […]

$30 Porch Makeover

It’s been a hot summer in our neck of the woods.  We’ve spent way too much of it huddled around the air conditioning for comfort, hardly daring to set foot outside–lest we cook ourselves.  At long last the heat wave ended, and we’ve been able to go out and look around.  While the heat kept […]

Old Lamps Made New

So, last week I promised to show you pictures of my new-old-lamp sitting in all it’s apple green glory on my nightstand.  The old brass lamp I’d found at my local Goodwill was spray painted and ready for it’s big moment….but was surrounded by piles of books, laundry, mismatched pillowcases, several backpacks, and a thick […]

Anatomy of a Lamp

Remember this lamp?  It started out as a vintage brass lamp I found gathering dust in the lighting section of Goodwill.  The shade was found at a Goodwill on the other side of town, slightly damaged but with its Target sticker still attached.  I brought them both home, sprayed the lamp down with Rustoleum, turned […]

The Sandbox

The final installation of the Bionic Man’s work of playscape art was completed earlier this summer.  The long-awaited sandbox is now part of the children’s play area. This is no ordinary sandbox.  For starters, it is part of the Bionic Man’s playscape design.  Remember the playscape? When Bionic Man designed this playscape, he did so […]