At Home with Molly from The Nesting Game

Today I’m happy to introduce you to one of my newer friends from blogland, Molly of  The Nesting Game.  

{Molly and her husband, Taylor}

I didn’t know Molly or her blog until we both attended Altitude Design Summit this winter in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We met over a to-die-for dinner of French cuisine the first night of the conference.  Molly delighted me then with the stories of her adventures in home improvement, newlywed bliss, and the amazing furniture she’s inherited from her grandmother.  She has such a warm, friendly personality, so it was a pleasure being able to run into someone that I “knew” for the next few days of the conference.  I hope you’ll take a minute (or thirty) to go visit Molly’s lovely nest.  Take a tour of her home and make sure you check out my personal favorite of her redos:  Molly’s kitchen.

Hello! I’m Molly from The Nesting Game. Ruth kindly invited me to guest post while she and her family move across the country. Helping a friend move by blogging? It sure beats lifting boxes, so I said, “of course!”

Today I wanted to share 3 small projects that I’ve done in my home that do not take much time, but are easy to do and make me very happy.

1. Add trim to roller shades

Our bedroom is pretty dark to begin with, but my husband insisted there was a sliver of a streetlight that would creep through the curtains and shine directly in his eyes while he was sleeping. Mmmm hmmm. But to make him happy, I went to The Home Depot and picked up some ordinary, inexpensive roller shades, which they cut down to the size I needed in the store. Then to make ME happy, I added some pink pom pom fringe to the back of the shade with a hot glue gun. The cheery trim makes me smile and it was such a simple improvement.

2. Customize a serving tray

Make a simple, inexpensive tray completely unique by adding a pretty paper liner. I found patterned paper at Paper Source, but you could use gift wrap, children’s art, a printed monogram or anything else you love. Spray paint the tray if you want, and when it’s dry, use Mod Podge to seal the paper onto the bottom of the tray. It also becomes water resistant in the process. And no one will have a try quite like yours!

3. Recover a footstool

I see these footstools all the time at thrift stores and even at discount stores like Tuesday Morning or TJ Maxx. Customize one to your taste with some fabric and a staple gun. I turned this grand tuffet into a mod little footstool with less than an hour of labor!

You can see more projects like these on The Nesting Game. Thank you to Ruth for having me on A House in Holland!


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