Funday – Garage

It’s Monday…back to the grind.  Why not make it FUNday with some inspiration to make your home a little more fun?

Our moving day is coming up soon.  We spent most of the past weekend sorting through the contents of our garage and deciding what should move with us, what should stay behind, and what should be tossed.  It was a lot of work!  Naturally, now I’m dreaming of how we can better organize our next garage.

Is an organized garage a fun garage?  Well, if you are like us and store lots of recreation and hobby equipment in your garage, then being able to find that stuff when you need it is a real treat.  Less time looking for it = more time using it = FUN!


{Favorite Spaces}

{Clover Lane}

{House of Grace}

{Making It Lovely}  I can dream, can’t I?

Wish me luck.  This week I need to help my children sort the belongings in their bedrooms.


  1. I love the orange and blue color scheme in your fantasy garage! We just got one of those tracks to life everything off the floor, which made a huge difference! Now if only I could make it feel like a room!


    • Growing up in an area where everyone had basements, I never understood the garage-as-a-room mindset until I moved to an area where not everyone had a basement. When you don’t have the luxury of a hidden basement for storage and recreation, that garage can really come in handy!

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