Funday – Bedrooms

It’s Monday…back to the grind.  Why not make it FUNday with some inspiration for inserting a little more fun into your home?

I have to admit, my girls already have a really fun bedroom.  What’s not to love about their sweet cottage bunk bed?

{read more about their room here}

This bed takes up a fair share of floorspace.  In our current home, our girls “share” a bedroom that is 16×20 feet….which requires very little sharing.  They’ve actually divided the room in half, and since Endeavor started feeling a little too mature for a fairytale dollhouse bedroom, this darling bed is on Superkid’s side.   Trouble is, the home we’re moving into in California is not going to have a lot of room for the girls to spread out.  We’ve conceded that the best way to keep the peace between our girls will be to swap the cottage bed for something that will suite Endeavor’s taste.  Tragic, isn’t it?

We are willing to sell the bed, so if you would like to come to Indiana to pick it up, (or northern California, we can move it with us) feel free to email me for details:  triptoholland {at} gmail {dot} com.

Anywho, I’ve been keeping my eye out for fun bedroom inspiration.  Want to see some fun ideas?

Growing Up Stylish contemporary kids

 {via Houzz}

Swing beds!

{Pioneer Woman}

I know I’m supposed to be looking for “mature” bedroom decor, but look!  There’s a ferris wheel in this bedroom:

{via Babble}

Nothing over the top about this last one, it’s just so pretty I had to share.  Love the colorful poms.

{Daffodil Design}

Well, I’m lucky enough to spend my day with the water shut off in our house, while a plumber installs some things our buyers want.  Why am I smiling?  Because I’m not paying for the plumber.  Happy Funday to me!

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