Plates for the Bedroom

No, this is not a post about romantic meals.  Ahem.  It’s about how useful a little white plate thrifted from Goodwill can be when it is sitting on your nightstand.

Back when I redecorated our bedroom with finds from a Goodwill shopping spree, I found three pretty white plates–one large, two small.  They were all the same color, but had slightly different edges.  I loved all three of them, and intended to hang them up on the wall somewhere in this room.  They never made it on the wall.

Seriously, I love those plates, but I felt kind of funny hanging up a plate collection in my bedroom.  What does that say about me?  That I’d rather be eating than sleeping?  It’s deep thoughts like that one that keep me up at night.  (Um, don’t be offended if you have plates in your bedroom for decor.  It’s okay.  I’ll be exploring my bedroom plate aversion in therapy.)

Instead of on the wall, the two small plates have found their homes on our bedside tables.  They are incredibly handy.  It’s a perfect place to set your watch, pocket change, and cell phone (Bionic Man) or your earings, bobby pins, and bracelets (me) before bedtime.  It kind of pretties up the everyday clutter of real-life.

Pretty plates like mine are really very easy to find at thrift shops.  There are usually several stacks of white plates on the kitchen goods shelf.  They come in all shapes and sizes, and usually sell for $2 or less.  I purchased all three of mine for a total of $4.47.  If I had a big, empty wall in my dining area, I would love to hang a group of these on the wall.

Do you have any household objects that have found a new home or purpose in an unexpected room within your home?

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